NAVI Nifty 50 Index Fund to launch on 3rd July with lowest TER 0.06%

Let’s see how much would be the tracking error and if TER rises along with AUM.

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Good News for existing ETFs of Nifty 50. The corpus collected by this AMC will be used to buy the nifty 50 stocks which will have an upward price effect on the stocks and in turn investors of existing ETF of Nifty 50 will have an incremental increase (in all probability).

When it will be allowed for pledging

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Is it available on Coin by Zerodha yet ?

And as soon there will be incremental increase, short sellers will come into the market shorting futures and writing call options which will again bring the market down to its fair value.

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i think new securities/etfs eligible for pledging are update at the start of every month. so, hopefully we can expect it to be allowed for pledging next calendar month.

Yes, this is available on Coin as well. You can invest in the NFO here.