NCD interest payout information


The interest frequency of this bond is monthly, 1st of every month. I purchased a few qty of this NCD last month and as July 1st just went buy I didn’t receive any interest in my bank account. Why so? Anything that i’m missing?

Not completely sure why this happened but one of the reasons might be that the NCD wasn’t in your Demat account on the record date. The interest payment date and the record date for this NCD differs by about 2 weeks (Refer to this exchange announcement for the record date for this NCD for the month of June 2021) -


@Prayag Yeah looks like that cuz I purchased it on 18th June and did receive the sms that they’ve been credited to the demat account but as it was after 15h they probably didnt give the interest…

Thanks for the information! Could you please tell me at what website you found this IIFL information?

I found this from the Corporate Announcement page for this NCD (10IFL25) on the BSE website. This information is also available on their official website.

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