NCD IPO - Does HDFC/ICICI not offer net banking application?


Is anyone able to apply for IPO (NCD) via Netbanking portals of ICICI or HDFC?

For ex: Muthoot Finance has came up with NCD IPO. When trying to apply via ICICI/HDFC, the IPO doesn’t show up on their netbanking portals

I thought all ncd can only be bought either physical form from the co or thru brokerage channels such as icici direct as this ultimately resides in depositories such as nsdl

I may not be correct

Use a bond platform like goldenpi or similar. Application is super easy and you can use whichever bank account you want.

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Thanks Akash, I am trying to avoid registering at new portals. They may be good but I still don’t feel comfortable.

Ideally, Banks allow to allow for ipo applications under ASBA.

Not sure I fully understand the concern, but these portals don’t hold your Bonds. These bonds will still be credited to your demat account which you provide.
So tomorrow if you stop using them, there is really no concern.
But I understand, its personal choice.

Generally yes, but for stocks ipo. For bond IPO each bank has different criteria, some bank allow some bonds but not others.

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This might help.