need a code on zerodha streak ?

i want to code a strategy in streak
it should as follow
in 5 min time frame candlestick chart whenever candle cross above ema line of period 10 and a red candle is formed whoose lenght is above ema 10 line
a stop loss of low of red candle formed when during entry condition ( which is above ema line )

Hi @Parth_mittal198

Can you share a screenshot of the chart marking your condition so that I can get a better understanding of your requirement and will help you create your condition in Streak.

buy condition for intraday

  1. use supertrend indicator to give trend signal and settings as per intraday requirement
  2. a long green candle crosses vwap line indicator
  3. change in macd line indicator to bullish trend ( where fast line cross above red line)
  4. no of buy orders are more than sell orders by 10 %

sell condition
target profit of 7 %
and stop loss of 3.85%

@Parth_mittal198 I’ve replied to you here - Can anyone make a code for this strategy for streak