Need a strategy on move between candles

Kindly can somebody share a strategy for the below:

When the strategy (the script) is executed, the list of stock names need to get displayed…

A move of >=4% expected only from TWO 30 min candle.

For eg:

XYZ trading at

100 - 9:30AM & 104.20 - 10:30AM (here is a difference of 4.2%). Here TWO 30 min candles taken.

Consider the script is executed at 10:34AM. The list should have XYZ stock name and also whichever files satisfy the condition.

Hello you will not able to do the strategy as per your requirements in algoz. Yours requirements is more like a stock screener. In algoz you can apply a strategy on charts based on technical conditions to generate the buy or sell signals.

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But do we have any option to scan/filter for my condition (if so, how to do it from Zerodha trading terminal). Any help please.

There is no such feature in nest trader only set price alerts for specific scripts is there which can you use if are following a set number of scripts.