Need advice on how to present myself as an algo trader in arrange marriage

When people see “Algo trader” listed as my occupation in my bio data, they often get scared due to the negative perception of the stock market among older generations.

In reality, my trading activities involve only Equity, without any leverage. I rely on automated systems to execute trades, which eliminates stress. I take risks similar to those of a regular 9-5 worker who invests in nifty indices and similar assets.

The issue lies in the initial rejection based solely on my bio data. If given the opportunity to explain my job description to a reasonable person, I could clarify any misunderstandings. However, such chances are few. I am earning in 8 figure yearly.

What could be a solution? Should I consider using a different term that doesn’t include the word “trader” in my bio data? If so, I would appreciate any suggestions.


Interesting problem. Maybe attach your ITRs with the biodata.

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I just write something like “4 crore annual income according to ITR”. That should work. But the problem is, they probably have a perception that It can go to 0 in 1 second. So that number seems to not matter, I guess.


Be honest to your probable soul mate. Full disclosure upfront is better. If you love trading and want to keep doing it look for some one who is ok with you doing it.


Of course. If I get a chance of meet someone’s family, I explain everything as it is honestly as it is. I am not talking about twisting anything. I am just talking about the stage before I get a chance of meet anyone and explain my work.

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if you are indeed making crores -
'Very successful investor and (super) trader with rich experience in the Financial Markets ’ should look good.


*** Discuss with Family before taking any Decision******

Trading can’t be explained to someone who doesn’t understand Markets( even to People who understand :P) and its still thought as gambling.

Show that as side business or just remove that , if you have few crores open some franchise or boring business which has constant cash flow.

Don’t twist any facts but don’t discuss too much as trust me no one will understand you . Boring business with cashflow also increase your socialization and create new stream of income.

Its the toughest thing in todays world to do arrange marriage today( gharwale kuch nhi kar pa rahe hain…age kya hoga bhagwan jaane), Date and look for love


Dating se kuch marketing and sales seekh saktey hey :sweat_smile:

Dating se kafi kuch seekh sakte ho , search for marketing and sales guru having at least 5-6 years experience bas har baari uska topic ki pakadlo free mein insights mil jayengi :stuck_out_tongue: Gyaan collect karne ka anokha tareeka


you don’t need to explain anything to anyone.

Say what you do honestly to the person you are marrying. if she likes you for who you are rather than how much you carry in your wallet, she will say yes and you would have filtered a gold digger and dogged a bullet.

Occupation should not matter as along as you are earning enough to support yourself and your family.

ok guys I’ll talk about personal experience here so bear with me a little :slight_smile:
I had in my bio-data “Occupation Deals with Financial Instruments”
And when things go well only then disclose you’re a “speculator” in financial instruments.
and if you think she’s the ONE then use trader and explain to the Bride’s family what trading is and what is your style.
As mentioned earlier in this thread a full disclosure is mandatory and appropriate with marriage however timer is key and essential
like Someone says he works on contracts with clients with presentation sounds much better than just saying you’re a freelancer :slight_smile:
after all, a wise man once said the First impression is the last :slight_smile:

Disc. Well you know what are is the disclaimer if you’re looking for getting married :rofl:


And finally, just as a downside protection option (I hope you’re into dark humour).

Get a Merc/BMW/Audi/Porsche. Everything is then understood and all arguments sorted.

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Find a father-in-law who is trading stocks ! Then explain your strategy that makes you 8 digit income.

Probably he will also join you for trading post marriage !

Likely to be found also here on this forum :slight_smile:

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Arrange Marriage is different ball game , you don’t want to marry a gold digger.There are cases of divorce just within a month for money. Plus , money is least criteria as every one is earning now.

Plus kundli, food habbits, personality, education, city,job,caste, religion, age and what not.

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That can happen either ways :grinning:

And really these days much of the rest is not a limitation either ways.
But I understand the spirit of what you say :wink:

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Yes,true. But in todays world if both are earning then money is not the most important criteria.

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Personal experience…Its tough and looked down upon. Nail the markets in such a way that you make a billion dollars. Then proposals will themselves present in front of you.

May be present yourself as a digital fisherman, where you daily fish with your computer from a vast ocean of connected computers.

or “Imagine me as the conductor of a financial symphony, orchestrating trades with precision and finesse. Just like a master chef blends ingredients for the perfect dish, I mix market data and algorithms to cook up profitable trades. Join me on this exciting rollercoaster ride, where love and finance meet!”