Need AFL CODE for My simple strategy

For 15 min Trade

BUY : Cross OVER EMA 8 , SMA 20 and CCI(20) move above +100 this should happen on 15 minutes one candle then only BUY SIGNAL should come.

Stop loss: Buy trade candle previous candle Low.

BUY–EXIT: 1)candle completely close below 8EMA.
2) 8 Cross below 20 SMA.
3) CCI(20) moved below -100.

SELL : 8 EMA cross below 20 SMA and CCI(20) moved below -100 this should be happening on one candle.

STOP Loss: SELL signal candle previous candle low.


  1. candle complete close above 8 EMA.
  2. 8 EMA cross above 20 SMA.
  3. CCI cross above +100.

CONDITION : EXIT Trade should initiate only one time whenever BUY or SELL trade is ACTIVE.

Kindly help me with this trade … As per my experience, this will work out for 15 above time frames…

Murali P
[email protected]

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