Need Backtest code for Stochastic momentum index(36,3,3,36) and ema cross over between 34 and 100


Please provide code for backtesting for Stochastic momentum index(36,3,3,36) crossover  and ema cross over between 34 and 100 find the screenshot 

Stochastic Momentum Index

%K Periods -36
%K Smoothing Periods -3
%K Double Smoothing Periods- 3
%D Periods 36
%D Moving Average Type - Exponentials

OverBought -70
OverSold - -70

and EMA  - 36

For the above given condition check this tradescript code

SOPK(9, 3, 9, SIMPLE) > 80 OR SOPD(9, 3, 9, SIMPLE) > 80

Note:  you can backtest the above code by using pi platform and it is not possible with kite as per screenshot attached above