Need clarity on current positions

Hi, I had 3 intraday positions(CO) in NSE. After glitch zerodha has created 3 Normal trades in BSE. SHould I do anything now or keep it as it is?

announcement from zerodha - ’ * Your MIS/CO position in the equity segment on NSE has been squared off with the NRML order type on BSE. You will see two positions on Kite, you can ignore these positions as they net each other off.’

Oh thanks So I am leaving it just like that… Thanks for the quick reply Amit…

I have the same situation. I bought 200 Qty of UPL at 562 . My order got squared off on BSE at 546.19 by ADMINSQF and after few minutes we got a notification stating that we can ignore the short since it’s squared off.
After few minutes got one more notification stating the market is opened till 5 pm and MIS orders will be squared off at 4.15 pm.

So do I lose 3200 Rs now (562 - 546.19 = 16 * 200)? Because, if we got the notification about the market being opened till 5 PM. I could’ve exited my MIS position at 4.15 PM (since that was the time for auto square off)

They could’ve not auto squared it off and let us trade it till 4.15 PM.

My order summary showing 3 orders.
1 nse mis buy order
1 bse nrml sell order of same stock
again 1 nrml nse sell order of same stock

What to do now

Last two orders was admin orders

Similar issue with me on 2 scripts

1 nse mis sell order
1 bse nrml buy order of same stock
Again 1 nrml nse buy order of same stock

Why did admin purchased more than what was required to square off ?

They hv shorted bse position extra

What will happen now

That is bad. U will end up short delivery and u have to go thru auction penalty.

@i_abhishek @traderdude Complain to SEBI

@nithin @VenuMadhav

Admin square off took extra long NRML positions in nse at 4:55 pm despite the orderbook completely netted by admin at 3:17. So now i can see extra positions after netting due to erroneous orders placed by system at 4:55 for no reason . Please get it resolved as we anyways have to suffer unfair losses to begin with .

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Hey, please raise a support ticket, and we’ll check and revert.

Attaching the ticket number- 20210224603727.

It will be really helpful if this can be looked at asap as tomorrow market is open.

@VenuMadhav .I have created the ticket. Is this being looked at? Please understand the urgency as it leaves the orderbook unsettled.

ticket number- 20210224603727


I can see extra holdings in my portfolio. I haven’t heard back from you guys yet. Just to avoid potential losses I have already cleared off those extra long positions even though they are T1 holdings. Let me know to do now