Need Extremely Powerful Real Time Market Data Feed Provider


This question is asked a few times before. But through this, I would like to make sure the quickest and the most accurate data provider one can find for Indian market right now.


In the  brokerage software, I could see the price jumps skipping ticks. Can a stock price jump from 10.90 to 10.80 without touching 10.85? Or the data feed I currently see misses ticks?
If in the real time, the price strictly moves through .05 ticks, Can these costly data providers like eSignals and others, provide with such accuracy and frequency?

Latency (Being real-time)

Quickest data feed provider.If possible, say it in milliseconds?


The provider with all the stocks available in indian stock market.

The purpose of this thread is to forget the costs for a while and to find extremely powerful real time data feed! :)

Software: Amibroker.



Karthick, we are working closely with Neotrade analytics. They are about to launch their new website, and data plugin. Zerodha clients also get special deals.

who is a leading vendor for MCX that Karthik has articulated. Looking for a data feed vendor on the similar requiremnt that Karthik has already highlighted

Hi Nithin,
Thanks for your comment.
Will they guarantee tick by tick data feed?
One more basic doubt, I would like to do Options trading.
Each stock in FNO will have individual prices according to the strike price right? So can I get the data for every strike price?