Need for "Buy More" button in your Coin Dashboard Folio

@nithin, in my opinion, there is a need for Buy More or Add More button in the folio details in Coin dashboard.

Currently, only Redeem button is available.

Currently, to buy more one has to click on fund name (click #1) click on Buy Direct button (click #2).
Buy More button alongside Redeem button will help the user buy at dips which mean more business for you too.

Please consider this UX improvisation which will save 2 user clicks and increase your business revenue as well.


Hey Rupesh, good idea. Checking this with our team.

So when the user clicks on the “Buy More” button, it will open this screen directly. (saves 2 user clicks)

Yep, got it. :slight_smile:

Loved your idea Rupesh, it would be really very helpful.

Yes, this is a good idea. I agree too.

This is now live

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Yes, I already noticed this when I logged in some time back and before commenting here, I have already completed my first “Buy more”. :slight_smile:
Kudos to your entire team for such quick turnaround. Less than 24 hours to be precise. Superb!

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Hi @Bhuvan, as you have listened to this @rupeshmandal guy, I too requested a feature “add to favorites”, so that I can sort list some of my favorites funds and later I can buy those. I hope it is not a complicated procedure to implement.

Yep, we are working on this. I’ll keep you posted.

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