Need Good Mutual funds


I am a new investor , I can take risk of 10% and need returns of 25% can you plz suggest some good MF and why ?

What do you mean you can take a risk of 10%?

Returns of 25% over what period of time?

Hi can you suggest some good mutual funds as I’m starting to invest in mutual funds.

Equities can fall over 10%, so can’t invest in equities with your risk profile.

Short term debt papers would fit your risk profile but would likely give you around 4 - 5% taxable return. Again, doesn’t fit your desired expectation of 25% return (per annum I’m assuming).

In short, no fund exists which suits your requirements.

That’s a precise figure you are aiming at. Looks like you didn’t research well enough. If you had, you would have known that it’s not easy to make consistent profits through financial markets.

Its very subjective question… answer will be different for everyone.

Assuming your investment horizon is for at least 7 -10 years… Typically investing in any NIFTY 50 index fund can be good starting point. You can go for factor/hybrid funds once you start understanding risk/reward aspects for your own profile…