Need help in filling tax

I am a salaried employee and traded stock market. Made gain of about 10k in short term gain 700 rs in intraday and 14k in FnO with turnover of 14 lakh. Salary is 10 lakh. Which ITR should I fill? Is tax audit needed?

Can I file only ITR1 with hope that IT notice won’t come? And if it comes, what will be max penalty for filling wrong ITR?

Since you have done intraday & fno so file ITR-3. Why do you want to file itr-1 and get into unnecessary risk of income tax notices. If your problem is how to file itr-3 then you can use any free income filing website like quicko, cleartax etc.

I have done some trading upstox and some from zerodha, quicko not letting file it for free, have no idea about clear tax?

What is max penalty btw? I am ready to take risk since gain are meagre from trading

In cleartax, you can import data from both zerodha and upstox and file for free. No idea of quicko as I always use CT

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Thanks gonna use cleartax