Need help on buy index funds

Hi @all,

I am new to stock market,
I have learned few basic stuff in stock market like what is demat account, trading account, individual stocks , mutual funds, index etc…

From my understanding index funds have low risk, I have opened required account with zerodha, I would like to start with minimal investment in index funds .

I would like to start my investment with index(nifty50) with direct option with growth category.

Could you all please correct me if I my understanding is correct or not in below points?

  1. From my understanding index funds is also a mutual funds with low risk.
  2. Buying index funds is possible only in coins app since this is mutual funds.
  3. Buying index funds with following options like direct, growth(reinvest with interest amt).
  4. I am not able to see niftybees in coins app, when i do analysis in online niftybees is the best option for index.

Could you help me to guide, if I am missing anything on learning regarding index funds.

Also please help me on guide path to learn more concepts on stock market.

Thanks in advance☺️

That’s right

This is the best route in my view

It is an ETF. You will find it on kite

Major difference between ETFs and index funds is ETFs are like stocks which are benchmarked to mimic index returns, whereas index funds are like open ended mutual fund scheme.

This is a good read on this topic