Need help to creat 1 best strategy on streak

Please help me create this strategy

> In 5 min chart when Moving average touches 20 of Rsi9 i,e oversold we can go for ATM CE Buy. & Hold the trade upto it touches 80 i,e overbought
> & Same time we can reverse the trade & can buy ATM PE & Hold till it touches 20 i,e oversold.
> So kindly request you to make the algo on this concept..

I have created a strategy to enter when the 20-period moving average of 9-period RSI is lower than equal to 20 (touches 20) and the exit will trigger when the 20-period moving average of 9-period RSI is higher than equal to 80. The conditions are checked on the Nifty 50 index as I have used the symbol function to create the conditions. Click on the below link to access the strategy-

The SL and TP is randomly selected as high so that the exit happens solely based on exit conditions.

Also, Streak currently does not support Long-Short conditions in a single strategy. You can only go either Long or Short and hence you need to create two different strategies. One for Long and another for short to take both Long and Short trades. You can use the above logic to create the conditions for the PE strategy.