Need help to create a strategy in streak

Hi there,
I want to create a strategy as if market opens at 9:15 am after 3 min candle formed i want streak to buy the stock at 9:18 am if price broke the previous 3 min candle high with tgt & sl 0.8%. and vice versa for short sell also. And this should go on every candle. I mean I want to trade every candle like scalping till 3:15 pm. Can you people teach me how to do this ?


@Atul_Gajbhiye You may also want to check for this.

Go to create strategy. Select : 3min candle, Position type: Both (Long & Short).

On Entry Long: Select Indicator type Candle and pass on below parameters.

[Candle] [close] [candle period] [0] [comparator] [crosses above] [high] [Today] [1] [done].

In the above condition, you are taking a position when the price break out the first candle.

In case you want the break out of the previous candle, you can write as below:
[Candle] [close] [candle period] [0] [comparator] [crosses above] [high] [Candle period] [-1] [done].

Select Percentage (%) in target and Stop loss with value 0.8 in each.

You can use the below conditions for short. Only difference would be instead of Crosses above select Crosses below and Low instead of High.
[Candle] [close] [candle period] [0] [comparator] [crosses below] [low] [Candle period] [-1] [done].

Once you create the strategy, got to create a portfolio by selecting the strategy and stocks in which you need to trade on. Maybe you can backtest and do papertrade before taking live.


Thank you, gonna give it a try. Will bother you if any assistance needed. Thanks again.

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Hey Atul,

You can use the conditions mentioned in the screenshot below to implement the long strategy in Streak.

You can create the short strategy, accordingly.

In case you are not able to do this, you can write to [email protected]

Nope, it ain’t working as per my requirement. It even isn’t deploying for papertrade. (“Error deploying strategy”)

Do you have any tutorial channel ?

@Atul_Gajbhiye, are you getting this error in Streak?

This strategy simply wnt work due to volatility

Yes, i want to create an orb strategy to trade every candle intraday at any time frame. For example Reliance
If at 9:16 am one minute candle is formed i want to buy if previous high is broken vise versa for short sell also. Then another candle is formed at 9:17 i want to trade it also. It’s like scalping till 3:15 pm

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Hey @Atul_Gajbhiye, users can receive the error because they do not have an active subscription. You can write to [email protected] for this.

Hi Atul…were you able to test this and deploy using streak? Were you succesful?

hi Krishnendu,

I am new to streak. I am learning. Do you know I can do option trading in Basic plan?

Thanks in Advance

For options, you can subscribe to Ultimate.

Please check the pricing for more info


Can I streak work automatically in my angel account or I got to do settings daily.

Or like tradeteon will it automatically keep buying and selling startergy even if I am out of coverage, or for any circumstances till I pause the trade.

How does it work?

Streak does not support auto-trading. You need to click on the notification sent to your system/app to take action on them


Hi, Can I use streak to automate simple trading strategy of Buying a scrip daily at open price and selling it when the price increases to 5%.?

Its possible.

Not automation

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