Need help to sell Boi Axa Mutual Fund Units

I have some investment in BOI Axa Mutual Fund, not done through COIN. This is an ELSS investment and locking period of three year already over for part of the units. But the fund house did not allow me to sell me the units. All of my transactions were declined without showing any reasons.
My KYC status/ Bank Details is remain same from the time of investment.

Their customer care executive told me these transactions are not showing in their system.

I am not able to raise a complaint in, as the site is not reachable.

Transaction status showing only these informations :

REDD TA-DG-G 9106 16/02/2021 Rejected
6 16/02/2021 Rejected
REDD TA-DG-G 910******6 19/02/2021 Rejected

Is there any ways to sell these units.

Thank You,

Are your units showing up in your CAS statement?

Hi Bhuvan,

Yes, units are shown in consolidated statements. Even though I am able to login in the Boi Axa website using my user name/password and there I am able to see total units and clear units available for redemption.
But when I placed a redemption request, they sent confirmation through email and sms. But the next day they simply reject the transaction without showing any valid reason.

I have raised one complaint on the Sebi score portal.