Need help to set algo

Please help me to set this algo in Streak:-

Buy condition:- When Supertrend is confirming bullish signal AND 10 EMA is above 20 SMA and 20 SMA above 50 SMA. Buy when price is above 10 EMA. and near 0.2% of 10 EMA.

Exit condition:- Exit at Average of last 5 candle’s Lows.

@Streak can you.

Hey @Ketul_Pachchigar
You can the following condition

Note since you want a signal when Close price is either higher than 10 EMA or near 0.2% of 10 EMA, your lowest point is 0.2% lower than 10 EMA

The 4th condition is for this.
You can make further adjustments if required.

Thank you Sir.

Sir can you please tell me if there is LTP option or not in streak??
If I want to exit from the trade if LTP crosses some conditions, then how??

Close price should work… close price doesn’t wait until the candle closes

No sir, I have cross checked all the backtested results, but it is not considering at least price near LTP. And it is taking only one trade per day in backtesting. But as per my strategy It should take at least 2-3 trades per day.


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