need help with this streak volume strategy

need help with this streak strategy

I want to create this streak strategy

Hi @harshtiss, You can use the following condition to implement this in Streak

Timeframe: 1day

Volume(0) higher than Volume(-1) and
Volume(0) higher than 500000 and
Open(0) higher than 400 and
Open(0) lower than 6000

Hi Krishnendu, Need another help for streak. Please give code as per the details in the picture.

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You cannot scan fundamental parameters using Streak currently so the EPS condition can not be added.

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What should be the timeframe? @Krishnendu

The default timeframe of charink is 1 day so course that has to be in sync.


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Need help with this also. RSI Wma not able to code

Just selct RSI moving average from the dropdown and then change the moving average type to weighted.

FnO lot size as a search parameter is currently not available

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