Need Portfolio Distribution Ideas

I hold some 50L+ worth of shares of an Indian Bank since IPO. It trades +/- 2 Lacs per day. (returns since IPO 56x)
Instead of risking all of it on one company’s fate, I am planning to transfer these shares to Zerodha account and reinvest into a distributed holding of equities and MF.

What would you guys recommend? I need ideas on MF, Smallcases.

What percentage of this 50L is good to trade with - short term or intraday?

I think you have categorized question in wrong section.

I hope @Srinivas can help u with this.

MF Direct plans you have Equity, Debt and Liquid funds. You could diversify between these funds when it comes to mutual funds.
Smallcase has quite a few interesting themes. You should definitely invest in themes that make sense to you, themes that you believe in or think has the power to grow.
Capital for intraday trading - read this chapter on varsity and the following chapter as well.

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Allocate 20 - 40% of your funds in infra companies which are part of govt. Bharatmala project.
For example - NCC , though many more companies too. Immense growth opportunity.
Besides infra,
Invest in GNFC, you would get great returns.You can Buy torrent power, PTC, AB Capital. These are long term investment.

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If I was on your place with that much of capital, I would have hire a Certified Financial Planner / Investment advisor.

You could certainly use investment advise to get in loop with stocks/funds that are hot in the market or get acquainted with stocks you otherwise wouldn’t come across, but the final click of the buy button has to be from your mind, after you consider all parameters.

Can you recommend some advisors?
What would their fees be?

I have an account with HDFC and their Fundamentals look good. What do you think of HDFC’s recos?

I’m unsure of HDFC’s recos but they are bound to have a decent research team. You could maybe share their recos here and people could pitch in their ideas.

SP Tulsian is one of the crowd favourites, which is probably good and bad at the same time. Check this post on how to find a good stock advisory company.



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Received the shares in my Zerodha Account.
The stock is Federal Bank, it touched the high of 127 on 18 Oct and is currently trading at 112-114.

What do you guys recommend?

What’s your average buy Price?

I don’t even know, should have been around 20 Rs. max. for 4000 shares at that time.
After splits, bonuses and some selling, we’re left with 44340 shares.

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Will selling these shares through Zerodha attract STT?
Transferred in to Zerodha recently, actual holding more than 10 years.

Yes, if you are selling your shares via Zerodha, then your sell order will be routed and executed through the exchange and STT will apply.