Need some help on currencies

Hi all,

I tried to see if there was a currency section but I couldn’t see any. I’m an intermediate trader who’s planning to specialize in currencies (F&O mainly). I know that currency is a boring sector, but I am fascinated by the global volume traded everyday in FX. Can anybody help out with some info that a beginner in this sector should be aware of? I’m talking about practical aspects as I have been studying the FX sector for the past 3 months. I read around the forum that @Spaceship is an expert on this, but I don’t know how to send a message to him directly (is that possible in TQnA?). All currency experts’ opinions will be highly valued. If there is a WhatsApp group that specializes on this, I would not mind joining in. Of course, the aim is to learn and paper trade before making any move. Thank you.


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Start with this

Hi Rahul! Thanks a lot for replying. I have gone through the Varsity entirely at least three times lol. But I have not got a feel of how things are done practically on the trading terminal :frowning: I’m looking for some basic mentoring (if anyone has the time) when it comes to practical strategies and indicators of currencies in India. I don’t know if this makes sense but I hope it does.

Thank you!