Need Some Help Regarding MultiTime frame AFL Amibroker

How to display lines for HHV and LLV of ten 5 min previous candles on 15 min chart.

With 5min chart it is working fine for me. but setting 15 min chart values changed according 15 min candle.

Hi @saurabh_sharma
there is a possibility of plotting chart with different time frames in amibroker using TimeFrameSet()

TimeFrameSet( in5Minute ); // switch to 5 minute frame

lv5_13 = llv( C, 13 );

TimeFrameRestore(); // restore time frame to original

TimeFrameSet( inHourly ); // switch now to hourly

hvh_9 = hhv( C, 10 ); // 10 bar HHV from hourly data

TimeFrameRestore(); // restore time frame to original

Plot( Close, "Price", colorWhite, styleCandle );

// plot expanded HHV LLV

Plot( TimeFrameExpand( lv5_13, in5Minute), "13 bar moving average from 5 min bars", colorRed );
Plot( TimeFrameExpand( hvh_9, inHourly), "9 bar moving average from hourly bars", colorRed );