Need Stochastic RSI Script in Pi Trade scripting


I would like to know how can i have a code in Trade script for Stochastic RSI (14,14,3,3) which exists in TV charts.

The Stochastic Oscillator and the Stochastic Momentum index which are present in the Trade script manual doesnt represent the Stochastic RSI in TV charts.

Is there any way that i can create that.

Also i have tried to create a script for Stochastic RSI using the below formula

Stoch RSI =100 * (RSI - Lowest Low RSI) / (Highest High RSI - Lowest Low RSI)

but am stuck with the multiply symbol which is not working. I tried a sample

set a = 100 * 2
and this is also returning 0.

Can some one help me on this.


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have you tried using @Streak ? Streak signals match 100 percent with charts. use their free trial if you have not before.

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Hi @tejab3,

You can create strategies based on Stochastic RSI in Streak.

You can create a simple strategy like the one mentioned below

You can also write to [email protected] if you have a specific requirement and the team shall help you.

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Hi @cryptictrader / @Krishnendu ,

Thanks for your suggestion.

I can use Streak for this. Using Streak, Is there any way to find the previous stochastic cross over.

Can you please suggest, it will help me .


Can you please specify if you are referring to a stochastic cross in the previous candle or backtesting on historical data?

Hi @Krishnendu,

Am looking for the previous cross over on historical data, not on previous candle.

Understood. So basically want to backtest the condition.

After setting the condition, simply click on “Save and Backtest” to run the test.

In you face any issues, please send a mail [email protected]

Hi, I guess you misunderstood my requirement.

Basically am trying to have a scenario like below.

Go long when stoch RSI K cross above D, with a stop loss of the low of a candle at the location where previous stoch RSI cross over happened.

Trying to build this using streak. Please help me on this.

Let me reiterate, you want to exit when the stock price crosses below the Low of the candle on which %k and %d took place?

If this is not your requirement, send a mail to [email protected] with more information on this.


Please find the attachment to understand the scenario clearly.

CrossOver [1] is the previous cross over.

This is currently not possible to implement in Streak.

@tejab3 @Krishnendu
Have you created this condition in streak?

Yes @Siddharth_Kamble1

Not yet…@Krishnendu, can you help me on this… can you send me the screenshot of this

@Krishnendu request you to please share the strategy.

@tejab3, Your condition requires another indicator that has not yet been added for users. I shall share once it is released.

@Siddharth_Kamble1, Please state if your requirement is exactly the same as @tejab3, specifically the exit condition.