Need Strong Advice

I have invested some amount in the following Mutual Fund so is this the right decision? I have invested 1000 per month in each Mutual Fund.

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Hi AsK8,

Always right if you choose your investment based on your financial goal and risk appitate.

The best person to advise on this is YOU only, no one could comment without knowing your financial background.


Not an expert in these things, but is there a overlap between

Axis Long Term Equity Fund - 61.02% is in Large Cap stocks, 18.56% is in Mid Cap stocks, 4.2% in Small Cap stocks.

and Nifty 50 Plan, Axis Midcap Fund and Axis Small Cap fund. I hope not, you can do a research and find out.

Same with Aditya Birla Sun Life Multi cap fund - 42.54% is in Large Cap stocks, 17.93% is in Mid Cap stocks, 18.85% in Small Cap stocks. The commission as per money control is atrocious at 2.02%. Do you really need to pay such high commission for a fund. In 5 years time, your 10% is gone…

Axis Small Cap Fund - Although the name says small cap, 12.10% is invested in midcap and 2% in large cap. Why cant they invest entire corpus in small cap as the name suggest? Maybe experts here can assist.

Have you checked their portfolio? How much diverse are they?
It’s always good to have a diverse portfolio so select MFs by their constituents not by their name.

Hello, everyone first of all thank you for your kind reply. Now someone asked me about how much amount I have invested in the above screenshot’s portfolio. So I want to tell you I am investing 5000 in all Mutual Fund which is in the above screenshot I am distributing randomly. Some in 500 or some in 1000 etc. So now kindly please let me know what I can do I can continue with this portfolio or I can sell or take some other I need your advice please help me.

Just my suggestion:

Lets say you are investing 6000 per month,

Just make portfolio simple:

  1. One Nifty 50 index fund (HDFC/ICICI) should be ok - 2000
  2. Two flexicaps e.g., (Canara flexicap, ICICI flexicap, Kotak multicap…) 2000 each

If you want ELSS for tax savings, then instead of 2 flexicaps invest in 2 ELSS (Parag parikh tax saver, Mirae tax saver,…) 2000 each

Don’t add more than 3 funds… avoid pure mid and small caps. Also dont have more than one fund from same AMC

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Hey man, you are making things complicated.
You can select any of these model portfolio’s

Portfolio 1:
One Index fund (Nifty 50/Nifty 100)

Portfolio 2:
One Index fund (Nifty 50/Nifty 100)
One Flexi cap or multi cap fund (Don’t select funds with very high or too low AUM’s)

Portfolio 3:
One Index fund (Nifty 50)
One Flexi cap fund (Don’t select funds with very high or too low AUM’s)
One Multi cap fund (Don’t select funds with very high or too low AUM’s)

Portfolio 4:
If you are looking for portfolio 4, then you are not the right person for long term wealth creation using mutual funds

  • Flexicap/Multicap can be replaced with ELSS if at all 80C is required

Sorry, again I have one question I don’t have anyone to take any advice for my portfolio. so guys I am asking you frankly which mutual Funds I should have to remove from my portfolio please tell me directly thank you.

You can Remove:

  1. SBI Magnum
  2. Aditya Birla Sun Life Multi-Cap Fund
  3. Axis Long Term Equity Fund

After removing this funds add that money into remaining 4 funds.

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