Need Suggestion From Experts

I have rs 5 lakhs . Trade only rs 20000. In example you buying rs 300 per stock if it’s goes up you will get profit.if it’s goes down you will loss money. If you lossing money means average the price with remaining amount.Per day i will get profit Around 4 Thousand Minimum.

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Are you saying you are going to average the losers?


why do you think you will go in profit if the stock is going down?

Please explain this fantastic logic.

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So you want 20% return per day… (4000 with 20000 per day)

It is theoretical, not practical.

Man I don’t intend to hurt you but making money on daily basis in trading is next to impossible.
Irrispective weather you do swing trading or intraday .

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Respect the market and Believe in facts.

Earn Less. Save More.