Need suggestions on trading

Can anyone give me suggestions on intra day & futures, options trading suggestions.
Can I start with zero knowledge?
According to my research many people suggest avoid trading and focus on investing.
Any experienced professional traders to suggest me

Well I am not professional trader nor am a mentor or trainer running any courses.

Who has suggested you that you can invest without any knowledge… Whether investing or trading you need knowledge…But for investing you can opt for mutual fund option, but that too you need certain knowledge which fund to select…

If you are ready to learn then only enter in trading… Its upon your personality & in which you are comfortable in trading or investing…

Believe me nothing works in market & everything works in market…No indicator or price action can give you money your mindset, discipline & perseverence only makes money.

Well in my view you should first learn basics like how market works, why price move up/ down, trends, support resistance, candle sticks psychology, some basic indicators like moving average, RSI, Bollinger…

Then comes money management ( position sizing), risk management, etc,

You may get everything freely on internet. No need to waste 20k to 30k for learning up to this…

Then comes execution here it would be better if you could find a mentor, who himself or herself is an experienced professional trader or investor…

Or else you will take more time & money ( If you put money right away without learning) in your success as you have to start with trial & error…

And above all be ready to invest time in learning, don’t hussle on earning…At least few months…

Start with paper trading, & then with small capital.

Protecting your capital is your first preference, if you succeed you are on your way…


Thanks for your replay @sibydaniel2017
It helps me

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Thank you @Sardar96

That’s just like saying can i start operating real humans and be a surgeon with zero knowledge.

Don’t be illusioned. Trading required a lot of hard work , patience and discipline and all of these comes through acquiring proper knowledge over time. Eliminating the bad habits and developing a positive psychology would alone require the most amount of time for most people who are aiming to become a consistently profitable trader.

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Only nitin bhaiya , SEBI and NSE consistently make money in intra-day trading.

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Personally, Never go for zero-knowledge. How you can master an art without any knowledge? This is practically impossible in every field.

You require to do disciplined learning for the basics of trading in the stock market. You can start with -

  1. Begin your journey with stock market books
  2. Do a stock market course or do it via a stock learning app
  3. Take the help of stock analytics app for making your portfolio

Hope this helps!!