Need suggestions to deal with Slippages

How does one deal with Slippages while intraday trading on a high volatility day? Most of the times I identify the trend correctly but by the I actually place a limit order the price would have gone ahead and my order won’t trigger. If I use market order then the entry would be at a different price than I expected, hence either my target price won’t trigger or will get stopped out early. So how do I deal with such slippage?

  • slippages cannot be avoided
  • market orders guarantee execution but not price
  • limit orders guarantee price but not execution
  • only advice i could give is stick to liquid scrips
  • account for slippages during backtesting your strategy so you won’t be disappointed when trading it for real
    ** also with the upcoming margin rules slippages are likely to increase across he board so good news for all :smile: **
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Hi everyone, I m new to trading so plz help me guys…
I purchased a stock and now trying to sell it but the order is not able to execute. I m stuck and the stock has touched its lower circuit but still, its volume is increasing. Does that mean buyers are buying at marker order??
I placed the exit order at 9.15 a.m. so plz help me to know how to understand when my order will get execute??

Before trading big ( in their own way) one should have clear understanding on how markets work, can start from varsity. Also as you are new to markets don’t trade on tips, one should try to invest in stocks which has good liquidity and should have some basic trading plan like reason to entry, target and stoploss.
In your case if there are no buyers and stock is hitting circuits- Nothing can be done but to wait and place orders everyday at open and pray buyers will come. Volume is increasing means more are buying at available offer price.

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Sir I am 100% agree with your reply. But the stock was trending since last month. Its ADANIGREEN and everyday hitting its upper circuit so with 5% profit target , I placed GTT order exit order too but gap down cracked me the next day and no buyers conditon is depreciating my capital. I really messed up this time

Ok, in last two days it hit lower circuits, need to place orders daily and wait in this case if one want to exit hoping buyers will come.

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Yaa sir, now trapped :cry: but thankyou for the help sir… really needed some experienced advice… Thanx

What is the right time to PUT AMO ORDER??? I am hitting rhe sell for AMO order since 3.30 pm but still its not executing. What should I do??

Trading Hours are over and AMO order is not being accepted

Place after 3.45 pm.

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ok thankyou again…

Sir just one last thing to ask plz. In AMO orders FIRST IN FIRST OUT works nah?? I mean if I place the order first, My order will be executed before others in the queue?

There is nothing like AMO at exchange level, it is like broker who will place this order next day at opening. So, there can be few seconds delay in sending the order at opening due to various reasons. Trading of order depend on price time priority.

So sir for the best execution timing for the stock with “only sellers” to get my order executed wht should I do sir?? place a pre market order? at 9.00am?? will it work?? AMO or Pre-Market order sir? Plz help sir… What is the best way to get my order executed and get rid of my position. plz sir :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray: suggest me… the best thing i can do

If you only care about execution and don’t mind what price the order will get executed at then do the following:

Open the market depth, look at the offer column, click on the offer with the highest quantity, enter the quantity you want to square off and place the order.

Do this during market hours the first 15 mins from 9:15 to 9:30 am will be your best bet.

brother I m stucked with “only sellers” stock. my gut feels like only @siva sir can suggest me some helpful help.

Do the reverse of what I said, instead of clicking on the offer click on the bid with the highest quantity, Sorry I mistook your question. But I think this would help you because even I was stuck with a penny stock once(don’t remember which)

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No one can do anything, may be try placing order on BSE tomorrow if you are trying on NSE currently.

Hey! What happened did you offload the share? Or are you still stuck with it?

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ohh yaa yaa buddy… :hugs: m off those stocks… but with 20% loss :cry: and very painful yet learning xperience :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Thank God the position was not that huge. & Thankyou brother for asking…

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Good thing you got rid of it. :blush:
You’re welcome. :wink:

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