Need to create this strategy on streak

  1. Candle - Heikin Ashi

  2. Time frame - 5 minutes

  3. Super Trend - 21/1.5

  4. CALL Entry -

Buy ATM CE if Supertren gave Buy Signal and RSI crosses above 50.


Buy ATM PE if Supertren gave SELL Signal and RSI crosses BELOW 50.


Reversal of Supertrend.

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hello @Taniyasingh

I have analyzed your conditions and have created strategy matching it, refer to the link below:
Buy CE - Streak | World's first algo trading platform without coding

Please note that I have created the above strategy using the Symbol Function, which is used to take entries on the dynamic contract based on the underlying movement of the selected index. If you want the conditions to be checked on option charts, then you can use the same conditions without the symbol function. You can use a similar approach to create a strategy on PE as well.

Do refer to Streak Manual for a structured explanation of our platform. Also, refer to our List of webinars page for creating strategies and scanners in a step-by-step manner, refer to the links provided below:
Manual -
Webinar List - English - Streak Help