Need to know the calculation of Futures for profit or loss

if i buy a lot (1000 units) with a contract of one month at a price of 200.00 INR and i sold it before the contract gets over with a price of 250.00 INR (1000 units or a lot ).

So how the profit or loss calculation is being mad. I am new to the futures . please help me with the calculation.

what the Formula? For this.

Your profit before standard brokerage and other charges would be (250-200)*1000 i.e. 50,000 rupees.

Profits made = (Actual points made x lot size)

Eg. of Nifty Future 1 Lot = (Let us say you have made 20 points profit x Lot size)

                                = 20 x 25

                                = Rs. 500/- (This is without brokerage n taxes)