Negative Margin & DIS on Kite Mobile


Hi Team,

I’m new to zerodha platform. Could you please solve my below queries:

  1. When I sold the shares on T Day, the margin used in Kite mobile was showing in Minus (Negative) Figure. What does this mean?
  2. On 2nd day the Margin used was showing Zero & that negative balance of margin was showing in Free Cash & Total Value column on the app. What does this mean?
  3. When I saw the Margin statement on both segments - in NSE segment balance was showing in positive figure & that in BSE segment it was showing negative, in Margin Status total it was showing in positive figure. What does this mean?
  4. In combined contract note, Net total is showing in positive figures after selling shares. What does this mean?
  5. Is DIS to be used while purchase & sell of securities & that send to the broker for further process?

Could you please solve this query.


Hey @Amey1

Whenever you sell your shares, close open F&O positions or if you’ve made profits intraday the margin used will be negative.

This means that the sales proceeds have been taken into account into the opening balance.

For reference -

  • Total Account Value = Margin Available + Margin Used
  • Free Cash = Cash margin Available + Pay In + Direct Collateral - Margin Used

Refer to this article which explains how to make sense of the margin statement.

If Net total is positive it means money is due to you. Refer to this article for more.

At Zerodha, DIS is needed only for Off market transfer of shares i.e not done via the stock exchange.