Nest Auto login and Nest Plus API


I hope people who have installed latest version of nest trader would seen Nest Auto Login and Nest Plus API options in nest Trader terminal but its not enabled for me. I have asked my broker support to clarify on this but they are not much aware.

Can some one please clarify whether its same as KITE CONNECT API and how Nest Auto login will benefit us?


Hi @dp1757
Pls refer this discussion
to know about Kite Connect API.

Nest Plus API and Kite Connect API, both are different

Nest Plus is a add on feature on Nest Trader Terminal.
By Default, Nest Plus Starter/Basic pack is enabled for all zerodha clients.
Nest Plus basic has features like Chart with 21days data, Link to Excel etc.

Nest Plus API will have set of rules to communicate with Nest Trader.
If You want to do Auto Trading(Semi/Live) with nest trader, you need Nest Plus API.

Nest Auto Login is just a piece of program to check the Nest Plus Subscription for the client id currently logged-in.

If You are unable to view chart in Nest Trader, then your client id is not enabled for Nest Plus Starter Pack.
Contact support to enable Nest Plus Starter Pack (Not Nest Plus API, which is related to auto trading and will cost you Rs300/pm for semi and Rs6000/pm for Fully Auto)



Thanks for the reply.
If we go with pibridge cost will be 500 + data charges from vendor.
For kite connect it will be min rs 2000 along with data charges .

Since nest plus coming with rs 300 will it possible for me avoid data charges for amibroker since i am in learning phase and need some time may be a year before moving in to semi/full automated trades. Pls clarify.

If you post a diagram like PI/KITE connect for nest plus api it will be good.

Hi @dp1757
Only Kite Connect API supports both Order Execution and Data (Through Web sockets)
PiBridge and Nest Plus API supports only Order Execution not Data.

Trading Platforms (Pi or Nest) doesn’t support direct data feed to AmiBroker (They Only Supports Link to Excel using RTD).

You can use free third party tools to feed data from Pi/Nest to AmiBroker.
Since you just want to test it out, this free tools will suffice.
You can download it from the below link

When you go for production,suggest you to take data from Authorized data vendor and choose the correct API which suits your requirement.

Here is the side by side comparison of all API’s of Zerodha.

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Too good, If it has one more row like Historical/Backfill data option Yes/No it would be good.

can we get Nest Plus API by contacting Zerodha or TR?