Net banking ASBA vs UPI ASBA for IPO?

Which is better while applying for IPO Net banking ASBA vs UPI ASBA?

Feature Net Banking ASBA UPI ASBA
Security High, as it’s integrated with bank’s secure online banking Also secure, but relies on the security of UPI apps
Fund Blocking Funds are blocked in the account and debited only on allotment Same as Net Banking ASBA
Application Process Via the bank’s internet banking portal Via a broker’s IPO application portal, followed by UPI app authorization
Bank Account Limitation Can only apply through banks offering ASBA facility Can use any UPI-enabled bank account
Visibility and Control Clear view of account balance and blocked amount via net banking Depends on the UPI app’s interface and features
Transaction Limits Generally no upper limit, subject to bank policies Usually has a per-transaction limit (around INR 2 lakh, varies by bank)
Convenience for Large Applications More suitable for high-value applications May be restrictive due to UPI transaction limits
Ease of Use Familiar for regular net banking users Known for simplicity, especially for those comfortable with mobile apps
Accessibility Limited to specific banks Wider accessibility across various banks

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