Net Receivables in Mutual Funds

Equity (68.84%)

Debt (21.65%)

Others (9.5%)
Name Type of Instrument Weight (%)
Net Receivables Net Receivables 4.68%

@nithin @siva
Please can you let me know what does Net Receivable mean in MF weightage? Is it bad debt in a sense?

Din’t get the context properly, can you explain a bit more?


When you get into the break up of any mutual fund, there are three categories:


Under others, you will find net receivables as one of the main constituents.

Was wondering if these are nothing but bad debt written off…

Here’s a link for a MF

I don’t think so, I believe this is like investment in receivables of some other company, companies can sell their receivables to others at a discount to have cash in hand, may be that one or that fund receivables, written off debt won’t be part of it. I am not sure on this though.

@Bhuvanesh Can you confirm.

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No, no :slight_smile: This seems to be the cash component of the fund. Every fund maintains about 5% assets in liquid instruments to meet redemption requests. Here’sthe breakup of that 4.6%. Always better to check the factsheet or the monthly portfolio disclosure of the funds.