Net worth or Net Financial Position of my account (My Balance Sheet)

Hi @siva @nithin

Can you please help suggest - how to see correct “Net Position or Net Worth” of my account? Or say Balance Sheet Equity of my account.

Console shows “Account Value” but it does not show correct position of account net worth due to pledged holdings. Ideally, it should match to " Money Paid into Trading Account + Profits - Brokerage & Other charges".

Tried to derive manually from Portfolio + Cash Statement + P&L, but couldn’t land expected value from my manual calculation. Checked topic in Varsity / other posts here, but couldn’t find this exact answer.


If you want the current networth, you can use the account value on console dashboard.

Account value = Value of holdings + Value of pledged holdings + Long option premium + Margin blocked (from ledger) + Free cash - short option premium.

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Thanks for quick reply @nithin
Trying to match it with - “Money Invested + Profits - Brokerage / Charges” but it doesn’t add up.
Can you advise what exactly is Account Margin - is it pure cash in account or also includes Margin from Pledging?

You have to match it to

Money transferred in - Money withdrawn - P&L - charges - short premium available + margin blocked + holdings value (including pledged) - margin from pledged stocks

Margin has two components which is free cash and what is blocked for open positions. So to reconcile, you need to subtract whatever the margin you are currently getting to your account from your pledged stock.

@nithin Thanks again for quick revert.

  1. Can I request to consider developing a simple net worth statement on above formula within Cosole? It’ll be much easier together quick and accurate position for us.

  2. Account value changes drastically sometimes in couple of hours and that is in post trading hours, not sure why it swings and which one is correct. For eg. yesterday evening it showed 32 (which seems wrong) and then post midnight it showed 28 (could be accurate). Any idea why this change and which one is correct?

  3. Just to confirm - If we have IDFC 3 in 1 account, the Account Value doesn’t include Cash from the bank account, right?

  1. This reconciling is extremely tricky. People moving in stocks, some stocks which don’t trade, bonds which never trade, etc. We have tried this before, but very tough.

  2. Trade process happens every evening based on all trades and MTM of open positions for the day. This happens once exchanges share the trade and position files. So until that happens (takes around 2 hours) everything will be shown of the previous day. During the trade process, we had put a fix to ensure no value changes, all changes happen only after the completion. @Nakul this is on right?

  3. Yeah, cash in bank not considered.

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Yes, Nithin. During the trade process, none of the values change. Currently, the cash balance and the margin blocked values on the dashboard gets updated after the trade process is completed and the holdings and positions values get updated after we run the P&L process on Console.

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@Nakul - Above was yesterdays example - showed 32 at 9/10pm (which just seemed completely wrong, as net expected wasn’t more than 28-29) and then 28 post mid night. So usually at what time can we see the latest final correct values?

@nithin -

  1. This reconciling is extremely tricky. People moving in stocks, some stocks which don’t trade, bonds which never trade, etc. We have tried this before, but very tough.

On this point, can something else be done? If it’s tricky for the your team to do it, it’s even trickier for a retail trader to understand or compute :frowning:
Can you guys please revisit it and try to provide a simpler solution for us?