New chart feature request

Hi @nithin and @siva

I am looking for a quick way to go through the charts on my watch list, holdings, positions.

Can you add 2 buttons on the charts may be “Up and down” next to the stock name on the chart.

Each time I click on the button, the chart should automatically moves to the next stock or previous stock on my watchlist, holdings and positions.

This feature will be very helpful on kite mobile as as I will not have to go back to watchlist, holdings or positions each time to check for my next stock on the chart and I can easily cycle through the stocks on chart easily to see my analysis quickly.

In kite web I propose to add an additional hot key for this feature to easily cycle through the lists.

Hope this can be achieved easily as each client will have his own watchlist holdings and position.

You can add button here

On web one can select stock on marketwatch and select ‘C’ to open chart, can use down arrow to go to below stock and type c for chart, one can keep doing this on marketwatch, just down arrow and ‘C’ will solve this.

I am not sure if it is possible to do this on app because of the architecture/technology we use but let me double confirm with my tech team and update.

Hi any update to add this feature