New Features and Updates on Coin - Mutual Funds

If you make a mistake, you pay. If zerodha/ its partners make a mistake, guess what, you only pay.

This is what Nassim Taleb would call an anti-fragile business model🥲

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Who is responsible for this? who going to pay 3% var?

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same issue happened on same day. I have invested in huge amount wen the market fall, but they calaculated on the next day NAV. I have placed order before cutoff time 12.30pm on 04-Jun. Totally 3-5% gap up difference, this is not a small mistake. Due to vendor issue many of the people get the gap up variation it may affect here profit. Please explain @Neelesh, @nithin

Coin app investment amount also not updated correctly, on 04-Jun purchased fund amount not updated on our investment, but the units NAV calculated on 5-Jun.


Out of curiosity, how does one know which day’s NAV an order got? What would be the simplest and easiest way? Does Coin show that clearly somewhere?

You can check NAV on the graph of mutual fund on

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HDFC and ICICI don’t work always…
Their only advantage is that they are BIG, and govt will come running to rescue them.

However their Tech is really bad. HDFC is REALLY REALLY BAD. Very bad user interface. In HDFC when I scroll, sometimes I couldn’t scroll to the last mutual funds in demat holding page and thus can’t see. Sometimes text of menu overlap the text of holding which makes it difficult to hold.

Sometimes some things don’t work.
I wanted to invest in Mutual Fund using ICICI recently, and it started showing some error. It is still showing same error.

They also don’t offer direct mutual funds. Kotak was offering until now, but they also stopped.

ONLY advantage: GOVRNMENT can’t let them FAIL.
Apart from them they are pathetic.

Usually in the coin allotment email they mention date

You can also open coin, see the graph and hover and see NAV of each date. Just check the date for NAV you received on email

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Easly they blame with others, usually say sorry for the inconvenience. OK we have a issue with the payment. What is the solution for that if u know means u give a msg saying this issues, there is no update after the payment u guys say we have issues, please tell me what is the solution for this?. You guys can bare the profit % difference? Profit percentage difference affect the retail people only. We what a solution @ShubhS9 ?

I have posted this issue in tqna they hide the post below is the screenshot that post is disappeared.
Why you guys hide the message this kind of issues, zerodha name as spoiling ha? If you guys are fix this kind of issues properly means why need to hide this kind of post

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Hiding is better than giving reply where people take screenshot and post that latter for long pending features.

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I posted about a glitch/incorrect analytics on my console.
It’s been more then 50 days now, I wrote a long detailed thread here. And guess what, they hid that post.

I filed a complaint with SEBI.
Excuse given by zerodha - There is some issue with our data vendor, that’s why analytics are wrong.

It’s very easy to put the blame on third party, without taking any responsibility.

Hi @rp3730, unlisted this post as there is already a thread on this topic. You can check it here.

Nevermind :face_with_diagonal_mouth: I realise this is a beta feature so there might be issues.

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Hi i tried bank mandate for auto debit (due to delay in sip on UPI)but on the registartion page maximum limit it shows was 1cr how should change that amount.

@ShubhS9 when you are launching new coin page - still is long date

Cannot change that, it is forced unfortunately

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Hi @ShubhS9 , @Neelesh , @nithin

Currently Coin and Console - show only portfolio level XIRR, please consider calculating XIRR dynamically based on filters/labels applied ie on subset of investments.

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Is there any charge for netbanking transaction in coin? @Neelesh

We have been making phased wise changes to the existing app.

We will check on the possibilities.


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NPS on COIN when?