New features request

I think its time to revise the kite UI.
I see lot of competitive brokers improved lot their platform UI.
mainly Fyers UI is so easy to handle.
Let me post some UI from Fyers
Right slide on Watchlist item bring in options menu.

from script/options strike page we can add them to basket directly.

Let me compare with Kite now.
Kite 100% rely on Sensibull for its option chain. problem with sensibull is it is 3rd party. We can not bring strike position to kite basket directly.
#2. Sensibull dont allow AMO orders.
#3. Midcp nifty , Sensex like index still missing option chain links

#4. We really struggle to add a script to basket main option strike, having similar name different dates , client has to be more careful in adding to basket. Also adding to basket is too difficult by type and search . it should be like add from script page.

#5. to have a add to basket from script page, we need to have our own options chain also like 5 paisa they have home grown oc and sensibull oc as well.

@nithin Please consider this change or atleast modify the kite UI to the latest trend. i really feel it is far behind other brokers by 2-3 years.


This is not feasible. We show watchlists as tabs. So left and right swipe gestures are already in use to switch between tabs.

We will look for the feasibility.

We’re currently developing a native option chain. Once that’s ready, we’ll explore the possibility of directly adding orders to the basket.

The option chain for Sensex had been added. Let me look into it and get it sorted out as soon as possible. I will provide an update on midcp nifty as well soon.


AMO Orders
Should we allow AMO orders? Is it not a tad risky in options, when price discovery is not exactly straight forward? We made a conscious choice to not do it because I can think of more scenarios where this is going to be bad for a retailer than good for a retailer. Correct me if I am wrong, please

Sensex, MidcapNIFTY
We have them both live on Option Chain. You can search and find them. Or are you referring to adding them as shortcuts on the dropdown menu? We are doing that in a couple of days max

I can understand being a 3rd party options chain. You think more about intraday and less risky trades.

But Being a expiry day trader and as an Trading app i expect AMO order should be there in zerodha not sure Sensibul has to fix it or not. and even if sensibull create AMO orders also not sure it would be useful or not for me bcz its totally 3rd party from zerodha kite app.

Reason I look for AMO, 9.15 is the time most of the expiry we get high premium, once market opens and settled very less chance of premium spike on OTM options. So if AMO missing means less premium harvesting.
Even with AMO we have a choice to cancel the order if pre market is not as expected.

MidcpNifty, Sensex I mean Kite app not showing Options chain link for this two indexes. This is not about option chain. option chain’s shortcuts from Sensex , midcp index from kite app.

kite has everything i look for except #1. add to basket directly from options strike or script page. #2 own home grown options chain to implement add to basket on option chain.

searching and adding the script or option strike to basket is painful and high possibility of having human error.

Guys pls kindly improve your watchlist. watchlist of 7 is not enough.
Fyers is much ahead in this.

I have a few requests (not in order of importance):

  1. Sensibull - it’s great that sensibull supports tradingview charts. would it be possible to add the following tradingview chart features? a. multi-timeframe view b. custom pine-scripts c. anchored vwap

  2. Sensibull - can the process of adding to watchlist be made easier? it’s cumbersome to add multiple strikes to the watchlist quickly. something like “add to watchlist” feature on Kite would be nice.

  3. Kite - I’ve always wondered why kite doesnt allow simultaneous login from multiple devices. If not by default, the users must have a way to at least enable multi-device sessions. Before I get pointed to Why was I logged out of Kite web when I logged into the Kite app?, yes, I’ve seen it. But Groww (and maybe a few other brokers too) allows multiple sessions. How’re they able to provide that feature? If it’s just an exchange guideline, as I suggested above, can Zerodha let the users decide the behaviour they desire by providing a multi-session toggle feature?

  4. Sensibull/Kite - is it possible to do a poweruser demo on efficient execution on FnO trades using the Kite/Sensibull combo? In my experience, I felt Kite is better at some things (quick order placement and quick closure of positions) while sensibull is better at others (tracking positions, creating initial positions etc). In other words, Kite for speed and Sensibull for a more relaxed entry/exit into/from a position. It’s possible I’m using the Kite/Sensibull combo suboptimally and that’s why it’d be interesting to see a power user demo. This probably doesnt matter to someone whose orderbook is small but for someone who has a pretty large orderbook (expiry trades for delta-neutral positions for instance) efficiency and speed of execution is super critical.

Thanks in advance! Happy to expand on any of the above points if needed.

Hi @Arockiya_Raja

//We’re currently developing a native option chain. Once that’s ready, we’ll explore the possibility of directly adding orders to the basket.//
Is there any timeline by which we can expect this native option chain ? 1 month, 3 week like that ?

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Zerodha team and @Sensibull, can you please share your thoughts on the above request?

We are planning a number of improvements to tradingview charts. Evaluating things as it is early days, adding these two to the wishlist

Wil do. We are modifying the whole watchlist too

Didn’t think of this. We will do a weekender live on this topic

Thank you very much for the suggestions. Please keep them coming!

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Thanks, Abid. Much appreciated!