New ITR 4 form is asking for GST number

F&O traders don’t need GST number to the best of my knowledge and I had been filing ITR 4 up until last year but this year GST number has been made compulsory in the form. What is the solution?

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Could you plz advise?

GST Number is applicable only if its applicable. Its not in the Mandatory field. The New ITR 4 ie presumptive is same as normal ITR as you need to fill Balance sheet details.

GST number does not seem to be optional. The Java Utility validation fails if you do not mention GST number.

Please check screenshot here:

If there is a way to bypass this, please let me know. Thanks.

Is your turnover more than 20 lakhs? Does the verification succeed if you enter turnovee as less than 20 lakhs?

Yes turnover is more than 20 lakhs. I thought the turnover limit for ITR4 was 2 crores.

GST registration is compulsory when turnover is more than 20 lakhs. You can check if ITR verification succeeds without GSTR number when turnover is less than 20 lakhs.

However, I do not see how stock traders could be asked GST return. Should we register for GST number and file GSTR? That is too much. I hope ITRs will be updated not to require GSTR. Lets wait for ITR3 also and see how that works.

I checked ITR 3 from website. It does not ask for GSTR number. So I believe ITR 4 being presumptive return form, the GSTR number is required for cross verification.

This might also mean stock/FnO traders may not be eligible for presumptive scheme under section 44AD. That is we might have to file ITR 3 only.

@anupd1990 Did you find any solution to filing ITR-4 presumptive income without GST number? If income is above 20L but exempt from GST.

Unfortunately I did not because the Income Tax law requires that you have a GST number if your gross annual turnover exceeds 20 lakh in any business.

Trading is a special case where GST is not applicable but I don’t think the IT department is willing to make an exception for one profession out of thousands.

So the only solution for me was to file ITR-3 and use the presumptive income (44AD) provisions provided therein to get the same benefit. However, ITR-3 is a ridiculously complex form. It took me a long time to research and understand everything in the form. If you aren’t willing to invest the time, please get in touch with a CA.

Oh ok thanks so much for update. So if gross receipts is below 20L ITR-4 can be used without GST number?

Yes. Last time I checked (just before tax filing deadline ended), IT department had released a revised ITR-4 form to allow businesses below 20L gross receipts to file ITR-4 without GST number. Unless this has changed in the meantime, you should be good to go.