New screener for Indian market

Hii everyone I am sharing a new site which i have received about in mails and its feature nd simplicity is awesome as compared to other available in market right now.
The details i received are

Introducing screener
We’re happy to show you our latest product - a powerful stock screener for Indian stocks
When we started building products for retail investors 2 years back, we found many of them had an investment idea in mind, but found it a challenge to find the right stocks. Examples of questions they had:

Which stocks have more than 20% upside from their current prices
What are some fundamentally strong companies in FMCG sector
What stocks near their 52W high are experiencing strong price momentum
What stocks are Mutual Funds and Banks increasing their exposure to
screener helps you discover relevant stocks with smarter & powerful filters including future estimates, broker ratings, technical indicators among others

You can also save your filters & their criteria as a screen - that you can load anytime to get the current list of stocks

We have built screener as the most comprehensive, yet simplest way to find the best stocks that match your investment idea

Start screening
We hope you enjoy the experience

Team smallcase

I have checked out the site and found it very easy to use even for begineer like me. But there is a charge of rs100 for dvance shorting:tired_face:


Looks Interesting. Very simple and good design .

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Hey! Thanks for the shoutout. Simplicity was definitely one of the top focuses for screener

screener is free for basic usage

There’s a premium version - screener Pro which unlocks premium-only filters, screens & unlimited saved screens and exports

You can even go for a free 14-day trial to experience screener Pro

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Hi @vasanthkamath

Could be a great idea if you can integrate shareholding pattern change etc into your screener.

Currently these features are available on Trendlyne, however they lack the motivation to update data on time.

For eg, a week passed by and SEPT data not updated yet on their platform.

Could be a good opportunity for your team to fill this gap.

Hello @portfolioplus911

We do have this under our Ownership filter type, right?

19 PM

Or were you looking for something else?

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