New Sebi rule! Do read what it is and how it affects you

So this happens -

So yeah everything was going all well and good and everything is going by the rules but there’s always this one freaking dude, one freaking dude who decides to toy around with the rules and conducts a scam on the poor law abiding people. While that is a problem by itself, how does the regulator respond? They decide to tighten the leash around the people, so now people at large are screwed. How does that help? How does fixing the problem where it isn’t rather than fixing where it is solve it effectively? You think people at large are dumb and that’s something exclusive with you. I mean you are not even worth acknowledging is how bad you are. You are a just tormentor, destroyer of worlds in my eyes is all. Or plain dumb whatever.

Essentially what I am saying. You all are going to bend the knee anyway but this is what my point is. I don’t want my position liquidated against my will as long as I am maintaining the margins. I freaking paid for it. I am required to pay for every single penny despite humongous increases in them and then maintain them as well at the end of each day to avoid a margin call. And closing them despite that is what you would do? How dare you?

You know it and I know it who this dog of a diplomat is.

LWT, look who’s talking. As if regressive curbs are actually boosting people’s confidence.

We all know where we stand in the market, what our worth is in this place. Either have some self respect or repeat after me “I am an idiot sandwich".

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Update - changed the title of the thread due to no response under the previous one.