New suggestion/correction

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hello, I am using Zerodha from couple of years. It gives a very good experience of trading.

Here, I would like to suggest some small correction in the following section

Console → Reports → P&L

We can remove “Net” from the “Net realised P&L” and “Net unrealised P&L” from the P&L statement (see attachment). Because the amount in these columns does not match with the column name. That leads to confusion. Please remove “Net”.

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Sonkamble Satish

Also, @Sonkamble_Satish, it would help us if you post these queries here

@Sonkamble_Satish We’ve named it Net realised P&L and Net unrealised P&L cause the values in these fields consider the charges as well. We are working on adding the scrip-wise charges bit currently. This should be fine in the next few days.