New to Stock Market

Hi All - Can you please help me with how to start Day trading ?

Start Here

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follow Moneycontrol website

I don’t think it will be nice to start from a website that just offering tips like mad(moneycontrol).

I agree to @haribabu you should start from basics and is best destination for a newbie.

I would suggest to refrain from reacting to “tips”.

Always remember knowldege is your best partner in success.

Best of luck and happy trading.:slight_smile:

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if you are new trader.
day trading that is intraday is not at all recommended.
you can first start the learning the basics about technical and fundamental analysis and then the little bit of economics related to stock market.
give yourself first three months of learning and then start the trading, before doing any trading, first educate yourself with the little required knowledge and then start trading. if you do not do this, then it can cost you serious money.
even if you start without learning then the wrong trade can make you wait for long to recover your price.
so, follow the following steps:

  1. three months of basic education on technical and fundamental analysis along with stock market related economics.
  2. then start the trading with swing trading with the small capital which you can afford to lose.
  3. then analyse the first 50 small trades and learn.
  4. dont take leverage and futures trading in the beginning.
  5. be in the circle of successful traders and
  6. look for any news which can affect your investments and the quaterly results of the companies in which you have invested.
    hope this helps.
    good luck with your trading.
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Don’t take highly leveraged positions…concentrate on one or two market/shares…read up all that you can on position sizing…capital preservation should be the main goal in the beginning phase…once r comfortable scale it up slowly

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