New to the markets

So I’d like to ask for general advice as a person who just turned 18 and just going to step into the markets and doesn’t have much time or capital.
should I just focus the next couple of years on investing or should I actively track the markets for swing trading or something like that ? or should I use 3rd party algo or something?


You are young. So time is on your side. Invest small amounts in ETFs. Dont trade right away. Make time and observe the market. Go through Zerodha’s Varsity.
Observe the markets.
Paper trade.

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Hey @Chetan_Nahata

First of all, its awesome to see someone as young as you are showing interest in markets. Kudos :slight_smile:

From having the experience of starting early just like u, I would recommend you to focus on learning various aspects related to markets (fundamentals, technical analysis, macros, data analysis) at the same time dabbling with amounts which u can afford to lose. (u can consider it as a fee for learning markets) . initial couple of years, the main idea should be to experiment as much as possible losing minimal amount.

Start paper trading initially, but paper trading is like being a spectator, gotta do real trading to understand what emotions and psychology does to us.

Try everything :slight_smile: and see what works for you. For example, for some people, swing trading works , while day trading works for others and investing (well, for most of us, if we do it right)

I’m not much of tech guy so I havent trade anything related to algos. but if you think you are good at understanding the nuances of algo, u can try it but I’d recommend you to start with simpler stuff.

PS : Varsity is a great place to start learning about markets.

First of all I’d really like to thank you @Meher_Smaran for the wonderful insight actually I’ve reading varsity since the past 2 years and have paper traded for last 4 or 5 months and I’m sort of familiar with the nuances too …
But the hurdle I’m coming across is I’m pursuing CA and it requires all of my time and attention and so does the markets specially during these turbulent times and sideway markets this I’m wonder what should I do … Looking for guidance in the same matter :smiley:

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If you have already some knowledge, then you can put the learning in practice, but with a small sum. Paper trading has no emotions it, even if you will 10 lacs it is not real, if you lose 10 lacs it is not real.

If you don’t have time, then you can buy ETFs or large cap stocks on the days of falls like yesterday and observe your investments, and as when you gain more knowledge and experience, you can shift to other ideas.

There is no one way to learn and practice in the market, we can do it many many ways.

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You know what? I can see a reflection of my journey in what you are doing currently. I have also been a CA student and I made shit ton of mistakes academically (I had to stop at CA finals) , as I was focusing way too much on markets. I somehow got lucky with my trading journey (as I was reasonably okay at it) and later having an opportunity to work for Zerodha.

I wouldn’t recommend others to take a risky gamble like me, focus on finishing CA and CFA (if you can as its more market related) and while doing articleship, devote couple of hrs a day to markets (not more than that, it takes lot of mental energy and later you would not be able to study) and rest of the time to studies. Once you are done with your studies, you will be well versed in markets and also have degree to support you to get more capital. (As they say, there’s no capital markets without capital) :slight_smile:

While we are at it, you can also be a regular participant in forums like tradingqna , keep a track of various market related and regulatory changes and get to personally interact with market stalwarts like Mr.Nithin kamath and Mr.karthik rangappa

Do you actively trade now. How is the journey?
Do you ever feel you should have completed CA finals?

Nah not really. But, I do keep a close track of markets. Sometimes give suggestions to dad/mom (got the knack of markets from family ) and frnds. :slight_smile:

I would have loved to. But, Pandemic changed all the plans and I couldn’t have afforded more time waiting for exams and later results (which are pretty tricky). But, my parents sure as hell do remind me of it once in a while :grimacing:

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I’m definitely gonna be active in this forum and this has given me a perfect opportunity to talk to others and learn from others mistake too :smile:

Honestly, that’s one of the best pieces of advice I’ve had in so long and so practical nothing like a hypothetical suggestion like the others I had, as one guy told me to try it if it works for you . and I honestly thought come on I can’t risk both of my journeys in the markets and that of CA in a single go

As said by an 18 yr old.

Even if you add 10 yrs you ll only be 28.

@ronin_sha Actually I meant it out of my daily schedule trying to balance between studies (my classes alone take 6+ hrs of the day) and markets and still having time for rest and refreshments

Why do you want to be in the market?

Give me the first honest thing.

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You have got only one journey, market will be here, it is not going anywhere, generally speaking.

He is young, enthusiastic, don’t drill him :grin:

Honestly Hell yeah, but also I’m somewhere afraid to risk it all without having any backup

You have one big advantage.


But is it fuel by what?

That matters a lot.

This talk can be a big thing later on in your life. Or just something you ll forget months later.

The why matters, my friend?

Wish someone said to me when I was 18.

@ronin_sha Feels like I’m getting so close to the answer :face_holding_back_tears:

Then don’t risk it all. Go slow, but just keep going.

Be smart, be disciplined. You ll get everything if you look all around. Information isn’t the matter.

Be patient. Have grit.

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And I’ll remember this convo for my life it won’t be something I’ll forget in just a couple of months