Newbie: My trading journey with 1 Lot NF only

Dear Friends,
I’m absolutely new in this trading world. In the last 2 months I have learned trading by reading few books & watched few YouTube videos also. I have very less capital to trade as my salary is also very less. I’ve only 30K Rupees to start my trading journey (for me 30K is a big amount).

From Monday onwards (16th Mar 2020) I will start my trading journey with Only 1 Lot of Nifty Future intraday with BO or CO. I will share my Wins & Losses/ Success & Failure here for others for learning purpose. I don’t know where I will end-up. Because I don’t have any experience of live trading.

I’m seeking guidance from other traders in this forum. I will be thankful for any advice.
Also experienced traders like @Riyas_Ahamed @vishnux @Newbie420 @velu @ronin_sha please advise/guide me to trade NF on intraday basis.


Better you wait for another 2/3 weeks to start considering the mkt conditions :yawning_face:


Thank you for the advice. Point noted.

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Do not start now … wait for vix to come down below 30 , under 25 is better.

– Doing futures with less capital is not advisable , do Cash marke with 10k for 6 months or atleast 3 months… Do it with 10 or 20 quantities only.
– Come here with result after 6 months.

In cash even if u lose all capital you have 6 month experience…If you doing future and if you doing wrong you are out in 3 or 4 days…you gain no experience.


Thank you so much @vishnux for your valuable advice.

when i was a newbie first i traded with virtual money not with real money. that is the best way to learn fast then use real money . You can learn trading in this market too but don’t use real money for now just start with dummy trading.

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How did you use virtual money? Which platform were you using?

Collected 55 Pts in NF April today by Shorting and staying for 20 mins. My risk was 30 pts only but my Trailing SL got hit. Made 4K.

Thank you @vishnux & @velu for your valuable advice as experienced traders. I am really happy that I followed all my trading rules in my 1st Trade of life. I will try my best to maintain 60:40 Win Loss ratio with atleast 1:2 or 1:3 Risk to Reward Ratio.


Good start. But Nifty futures trading with just 30K seems bit difficult to me. However, If you have your well backtested rules and is sizing your trading account as per those statistics may be you are fine.

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Took a 2nd Trade today (& in life) and finally ended with collecting few more Pts & 5.4K.

how much capital do u use?

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My total trading capital is 30k only.