Newborns first knowledgable entry and exit trade :)

Did you trade in Axisbank?

YES! I did today

What did you do?

Just a few equity MIS trade. Just learning out the tape. I made profit a tiny bit… then for trial n error, I made losses. I knew I would make a loss. I did enter just to check about the emotional quotient in losses :slight_smile: Lost around 900 bucks in multiple trades at the end in total. I both shorted, and longed :slight_smile:

Post your tradebook here.

Whre do I find it …

Your spoon has ink :smile:

Hahah I was joking. Removed my post. But glad that u enjoyed it.


Better post order book.

My trade book doesn’t look like this :expressionless:

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Here you go…

Must be clean with lot of +++

U r able to do one thing perfectly. That’s buying higher & selling at lower price.

Today you made a loss of some 900 rs.

You know what… but please don’t * at me… I really didn’t know in MIS you can sell first and buy later… I thought that is only for the F&O … see my fate :wink:

Tomorrow u can try selling first & buying later. Its not about selling first.
Its actually called as Short Selling.

Haha :joy: No! I don’t do intraday much. I’m 90% investor.

Mee too … I’d say I have 95% as investment… I am just and just trying out the other stuff :smile: You know… one thing I understood… if you aren’t greedy you can, actually can make some decent in trading… that only for raising the capital you know…

Good that you figured it out! And Please do not buy and sell in CNC unless T+2 days have been completed. You can face auction penalty.