NFO - ICICI Prudential Alpha Low Vol 30 ETF closes on Aug 10,2020

Our Head of Product Development & Strategies - Mr. Chintan Haria explains the ICICI Prudential Alpha Low Vol 30 ETF.

NFO closes on Aug 10,2020

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@ICICIPrudentialMF Nice strategy , i like it i will invest ,
can you come like covered call ETF like in USA

We appreciate your feedback. We will think through the strategy.

Bring ICICI Prudential US Bluechip Equity Fund ETF

I checked this review here blog
Looks good for long term.

@ICICIPrudentialMF will this etf after listing on the stock exchange come under icici passive strategy (fof) mutual fund?

We take your valuable feedback. Thank you

What is the expense ratio?

Please launch a FoF MF for this ETF as liquidity and brokerage would be a issue in investing. I would definitely invest in a FoF. Thanks.

As per a recent article on The Hindu Businessline, the expense ratio is estimated/expected to be 0.4%

According to its Scheme Information Document (Page 84), it will be maximum up to 1%

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Not seeing this nfo in coin? the issue closes today.

We had to close it a day early due to the way the NFO system works. You can invest in the ETF once it lists.

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@ICICIPrudentialMF What will be the symbol of this ETF when it is listed?

Answering my own question, it was listed with the symbol ICICIALPLV

is there any rule for naming a securities or the person incharge POAs ?(Pulls out of thin air)