Nifty 50 daily change for the past 1 year data

On Jan 6, 2021, Nifty was down 1%.
I want to have a look at the Nifty daily change for the past one year.
Is it possible to get hold of the data ?
I want the frequency of daily change in six categories,
a) ± <1%
b) ± 1 to 2%
c) ± >2%

Import daily closing prices of nifty. Then using this you can calculate change and percentage change. Then filter the same.

All of this you can do in excel in less than 5 mins. Not sure if any site gives this information directly. You may get it in nse website also. Not sure.
But if you have used 5 mins to create this post, am sure you can take another 5 mins for the data you are looking for.

I could find the difference from the NSE’s historic data, but had difficulties segregating them into the six categories.

Did you get it in excel format? In moneycontrol you get. I have never tried so not sure where else its available