Nifty 50 futures

I have some doubts and want to clear as i am not finding a clear answer anywhere :-

  1. Is nifty 50 futures tradable when the Indian market is closed that is before the market opens and after the market close?

Because in the investing. com it shows that nifty 50 futures are open ever after the market is closed… And it little bit fluctuating also.

  • How is it possible… If the market is closed the the underlying nifty should not changed… then how nifty futures is changing…

Please i need to clarify this…

Your replies can make wonders :pray::pray::pray:

@ShubhS9 @Gautam @siva

No. Nifty 50 Futures can only be traded when markets are open.

I think Investing shows prices of SGX Nifty 50, this is listed on Singapore Exchange and is traded 24 hours on working days.

No sir… It not sgx nifty…
And sir it still open and fluctuating a little bit…
Please sir / anyone can explain me this…

This feed is from CFD exchange, tried to find more information but couldn’t.

Thank a lot sir for giving your precious time… :pray::pray::pray:

I also looked through it… But sir nifty50 cfd contact expiry is on 31 dec… Where as normal current month nifty 50 contract will expire on 24 dec… Why sir? Just asking…

And sir one of my friend told me this is because of after market hours …is it so?

Also sir is the futures of major index remain open for 24 hours?

I checked Settlement Day is 24-12-2020 only.

CFD market is different than our market.

The Futures of US Indices are open for 24 hours, there might be other as well.

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How can I trade in it ?