Nifty and Banknifty Expiry day performace


Hi All,

Does anyone know where we can find historical Nifty and Banknifty expiry day performance (on both weekly and monthly expiry days). Can we get such data anywhere in a consolidated manner?


this kind of data am looking for also. but its hard to come by, on top of that performance related data is even rare to find.

some private options are available but its hard to vouch for their data quality.

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yes, i was not able to find any too. Would be of much help if we get some link for it.

Also, could you please name these private options that you know of? I’ll try checking them out before relying on it.


I dont think you would get it anywhere

Better do it manually, wont take more than an hour per year

Seeing how you want weekly expiry and its been 3 years since it was introduced, its just a couple hours work

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Yeah :slight_smile: that is what I am planning to do now.
Manual method seems the better option. Thanks!


Certainly one of the issues that traders are facing are luck of available historical data for proper market analysis. In this sense, it is always better to do it manually, if possible, than to spend time searching and not finding it at the end

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