Nifty at least 3% correction ahead

There is no way to count the move from 17355 to 18134 as impulsive. It simply means that the move is corrective in terms of the Elliott wave,

The whole move from the low of 17355 is going to retrace soon fully.

But of course, there is not any downtrend started. Nifty can come between level 17135 to 16900, and the correction is going to be over.

A trader knows how to observe the view of some other analyst and maintain his position. Tip seekers can see things happening but won’t be able to earn money from this.

Happy Trading!

predicting any target without predicted a time period is totally useless.
Its must that one should mention that he is expecting so & so target within this period. ( like RJ expected nifty target of 1lk till 2030).
you can see almost every person do prediction in both direction, but they don’t declare time period, & when the price comes, they claims that, I already told it, & it happened.

17400 CE sold on Monday at premium Rs 350. The premium is now @ Rs 166.

If you say so, that an analyst should mention the time period also. There was a trader W.D. Gann, I don’t have that skills.

Rest, you guys are right. I should not post any more analysis.

Be happy. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Obviously he should.
Even I can tell nifty will go to 30k soon. Trust me. I will be right some day.

Monday low was 443. How did you sell it at 350. Am I seeing the right strike ?

Sorry, it is 17900.

Good. Best of luck with your money.

That’s now at 3.9.

Lol. Whatever you say, just doesn’t add up.

Edit: I figured it myself. March expiry. Wish you were clear the first time. Anyways.

Thanks a lot. Your best wishes mean a lot to me. :heart: